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ZWO ASI 385 MC color camera

ZWO ASI 385 MC color camera
   • Manufacturer warranty: 1 year
   • Consumer warranty: 2 year
159 900 Ft
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The ZWO ASI 385 MC color camera , high-sensitivity planet and lunar astrophoto camera stand out from the field mainly with its extra low read-out noise value (0.7e) and high sensitivity. It also features a pixel size of 3.75 microns and a maximum resolution of 2.13 megapixels. Its sensor is the IMX385 C-MOS sensor manufactured by Sony with a resolution of 1936x1096 pixels. Thanks to the extremely low readout noise, it gives a very clear and noise-free image even with shorter exposure times. Planets can be captured with a very short exposure time, resulting in better quality frames, resulting in a sharper and better resolution final image. It is also suitable for capturing dimmer deep-sky objects - planetary nebulae, emission nebulae, galaxies, dimmer binary stars.

The ZWO ASI 385 MC color camera is also great for those who want to take photos in the near IR range (<2.5 micron wavelength), as the device is extremely sensitive here as well. By inserting an IR block filter (not included), you can take beautiful color shots, while an IR filter (which only allows IR rays) allows you to take full-resolution monochrome images.

The cameras have a USB 3.0 connector, which allows a much higher image transfer rate than USB 2.0, which means that you can record more images in a given time at a larger image size. This is most important in the case of lunar and solar images, with little in the case of planet capture. The camera is capable of capturing 67 fsp (frames per second) images in 12-bit mode, but is already capable of 120 fsp in 10-bit mode! Thanks to its ST4 port, it can also be launched as an augoguider.

Many free software can be downloaded from the Internet for image capture , especially SharpCap and FireCapture for Windows. The cameras require Windows XP or later, but can be used under Linux and even have Macintosh support.

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Product specs
Érzékelő adatai
Típus: CMOS IMX385LQR 
Színes / monokrom: color 
Érzékelő mérete: 7.3 x 4.1 mm
Pixelméret: 3.75 μm
Felbontás: 1936 x 1096 pixel
ADC: 12bit 
Egyéb paraméterek
Hűtött: No 
DeltaT: - fok
Backfocus: 12.5 mm
Számítógép felőli csatlakozó típusa: USB 3.0 
Súly: 120 g

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