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Univerzális mobile phone holder

Universal holder for smartphone
4 900 Ft
In stock
Universal holder for smartphone (size XL)
5 490 Ft
In stock

Our Universal Mobile Phone Holder is a useful accessory if you want to capture the spectacle or astronomical binoculars or microscope with your mobile phone through the eyepiece.

The phone holder assembly can be adjusted from 54 to 90 mm to the width of the device. The eyepiece mount can be attached to an eyepiece with an outer diameter of 28 to 47 mm, 32 to 62 mm for the XL version. Its metal frame holds the eyepiece securely, but the soft foam design saves both your mobile phone and the eyepiece.

Thanks to its standard 1/4 "thread, it can also be mounted on photo tripods.

The attached pictures were taken with a Scopium Junior stereo microscope and a Lenovo S1La40 mobile phone through eyepiece photography. The first two images contain a piece of $ 1,000, the bird's head is depicted on a $ 5 coin, and the third image is depicted on a $ 2 banknote.

We recommend the XL version for 2 "eyepieces and spectacles!

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