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SkyWatcher NEQ-5 Pro GoTo mount

SkyWatcher NEQ-5 Pro Goto mount
   • Manufacturer warranty: 1 year
   • Consumer warranty: 3 year
303 900 Ft
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Do you have little time and want to enjoy the sight of the stars instead of wasting your time looking for them? Do you want to get a taste of astrophotography and are looking for a mechanics that provides a good basis for this? Then the SkyWatcher NEQ-5 Pro Goto mechanics are the ideal target for all this.

4.5 cm diameter steel legs as well as ball-bearing shafts provide sufficient stability for 15-20 cm mirror or catadioptric binoculars. (In the case of lens binoculars, we recommend 12 cm and possibly short tube 15 cm models.) The metal eyepiece tray further increases the rigidity of the legs, and we can also place 4 1.25 "and 2 2" eyepieces.

The SynScan handheld also has an LCD display for communication, and its database stores data for more than 42,900 objects, any of which can be accessed with a few keystrokes. It also supports communication with a computer, making it possible to control mechanics from even an ordinary PC. Last but not least, a GPS receiver can be connected to the handheld to quickly and accurately set the location and time of monitoring.

Astrophotographers can appreciate the autoguider connector, which can significantly increase the accuracy of the mechanics when tracking celestial bodies. This is essential when shooting with long exposures.

The accuracy of the pole position is increased by the standard fiber-optic pole telescope. The basic package includes a cable with a cigarette lighter adapter, which can be used to operate the mechanics from the car's cigarette lighter. For those looking for a portable solution, we recommend the simpler battery solution. An optional AC adapter is required to operate from a 220V mains.

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Típus: Equatorial mount 
Motorizált: Yes 
Beépített enkóderek: No 
Finommozgatás: Yes 
Wifi vezérlés: Optional 
Pólustávcső: Yes 
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