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SkyWatcher AZ-EQ-6 Pro Goto mount

SkyWatcher AZ-EQ-6 Pro mount
   • Manufacturer warranty: 1 year
   • Consumer warranty: 3 year
772 900 Ft
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The mechanics of the SkyWatcher AZ-EQ-6 Pro have pushed the bar even higher in the market for affordable but especially high-quality mechanics. The enhanced version of the EQ-6 Pro mechanics offers a number of innovations not only for astrophotos but also for visual observers. Based on its load capacity, up to 30 cm Newtonian binoculars, 28 cm SC / MC systems resp. Recommended for binoculars with 18 cm lenses. The weight of the mechanics did not change, 16 kg remained.

The SynScan manual control in addition also has a LCD display for communications and database of more than 42 900 data objects are stored in any ráállhatuk your fingertips. In addition , it supports communication with a computer, so it can control the mechanics even from an ordinary PC, and last but not least, a GPS receiver can be connected to it. More information about the control can be found here .

The 5 cm thick steel legs and the respectable size of the mechanical head create excellent stability. Thanks to the ball-mounted shafts with a gear ratio of less than the basic EQ-6, the periodic error is also very low, which can be almost completely eliminated by driving through the built-in autoguide port. Astrophotographers can also appreciate the very meticulous (up to 0.25x star speed) corrections that can be made, as well as the possibility of teachable periodic error correction (PEC).

The following is a summary of what offers more than the well-proven EQ-6 Pro mechanics:

  • the motors on the RA and DEC shafts are connected to the mechanism by a ribbed belt, which guarantees minimal backlash and quieter operation. In astrophotography, the mechanics respond faster to corrective interventions, so more pointy stars are possible.
  • on both axes we find encoders that allow you to move the binoculars quickly anywhere by hand, even after training, without the hand control losing orientation. All this saves time when switching between sky areas.
  • one of the weak points of the smaller SkyWatcher mechanics was that when the shaft was fixed, the shaft was clamped at one point which slightly moved the binoculars. The redesigned shaft locking mechanism also eliminates this small annoying error.
  • the mechanics head can be tilted to azimuthal mode , in which case another telescope can be mounted in place of the counterweight.
  • the binocular mounting rail was brought closer to the axis of rotation, thereby reducing the torque of the binoculars. Smaller counterweights are required for use.
  • the counterweight shaft has become thicker, 25 mm, which increases the stability of the system. The shaft can be pushed back into the head for compact transport.
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Product specs
Típus: Azimutal/equatorial mount 
Motorizált: Yes 
Beépített enkóderek: Yes 
Finommozgatás: Yes 
Wifi vezérlés: Optional 
Pólustávcső: Yes 

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