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SkyWatcher 90/1250 MC tubus

SkyWatcher TravelMax 90/1250 MC OTA
   • Manufacturer warranty: 1 year
   • Consumer warranty: 1 year
67 700 Ft
Consider purchasing:
Surcharge for E-Plössl 25 and 10 mm eyepieces instead of Barium eyepieces
8 500 Ft

The SkyWatcher's 90/1250 MC tube hides surprisingly good optics, which thanks to its long 1250mm focus can easily achieve up to 200x magnification (with optional eyepieces). At such magnification, we can study in detail the surface details of the Moon or Saturn along with its magnificent ring. The short tube of less than 30 cm and the light mechanics make the instrument easy to carry, so we can take it almost anywhere with us.

Depending on the equipment, it can be easily placed on a tripod or astronomical mechanism to make it even more enjoyable to use. The binoculars come with 25 and 10mm Super Barium eyepieces with 50x and 125x magnification. The celestial bodies are made easy to adjust by Starpointer, and they are made comfortable to observe by a zenith mirror. Because the binoculars can be used for nature observation in a straight-up position (but give an inverted image on the left and right). It can also be used as a telephoto lens thanks to the T2 thread at the end and the possibility to connect a tripod.

Stand is not part of the package!

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Product specs
Optikai tulajdonságok
Optikai rendszer: Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes 
Átmérő: 90 mm
Fókusz: 1250 mm
Fényerő: F/13.9 
Elméleti max. nagyítás: 180 x
Kitakarás: 32 %
Kitakarás: 30 mm
Felbontóképesség: 1.32 "
Súly: 1.4 kg
Méret: 1.25" 
Típus: SC/MC 
Kétsebességes: No 
2"/1.25" adapter: No 
Okulárok: Bárium 25 és 10 mm 
Keresőtávcső: starpointer 
Zenitvégződés: 1.25" zenittükör 
Tubusgyűrű: No 
Prizmasín: No 
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