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Scopium 10x50 WA binocular

Scopium 10x50 WA binocular
   • Manufacturer warranty: 1 year
   • Consumer warranty: 1 year
13 900 Ft
In stock

The Scopium 10x50 WA binocular is one of our most popular models. Not by chance. On the one hand, we found the quality to be surprisingly good compared to its low price, and its sharpness is particularly outstanding. On the other hand, its small size makes it portable, making it a great companion for watching nature or sporting events, or even for star-studying. The small telescope has a rubber cover on the outside for a stable and comfortable grip.

The small binoculars have a larger field of vision than is typical in its class (122m at 1000m), allowing for more movement, more nature. The optical elements are, of course, made of glass and each surface has a genuine anti-glare coating that guarantees a clear, crisp and realistic image. (Beware of striking, glittering orange / red coatings, which are not really anti-glare coatings. Their function is to mask the optical defects of the lenses, so the resulting image is usually turquoise.

A fabric carrying case and lens hoods are part of the basic package. Based on customer feedback, it has an extremely good price / performance ratio, so we highly recommend this model.

Did you know that this binoculars is checked separately before it is sold?
In a binocular telescope, it is essential that both of its tubes look "the same", that is, their optical axes are parallel. In the case of cheap Far Eastern telescopes, care should be taken not to show a "double image" as this can easily lead to eye and headaches.

With the right expertise, the above problem can easily be checked, and we minimize the chances of having the binoculars serviced right after purchase. Before selling, we carry out a quality check on the product and release only the right piece!

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Product specs
Nagyítás: 10 x
Objektív átmérő: 50 mm
Súly: 800 g
Méret (MxSz): 160 x 182 mm
Váz anyaga: Polykarbonat 
Vízhatlan: No 
Gáztöltés: No 
Optikai rendszer
Prizmák anyaga: BK7 
Prizmák típusa: Porro 
Bevonat: Fully coated 
Látómező: 6.8 °
Látómező: 122 m (1000 m-en)
Közelfókusz: 7 m
Betekintési távolság: 13 mm
Szemtávolság: - mm
Kilépő pupilla: 5 mm
Relatív fényesség index: 25 
Szürkületi érték: 22 

Recommended accessories

Neck strap for binocular (neoprene) Neck strap for binocular (neoprene)
2 600 Ft
L-adapter (wide) L-adapter (wide)
3 200 Ft

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