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Prepared microscope slides

Microscopes prepared slides set RM-A01 (15 pcs)
4 990 Ft
In stock
Microscopes prepared slides set RM-A02 (12 pcs)
3 990 Ft
In stock
Microscopes prepared slides set RM-B01 (10 pcs)
3 490 Ft
In stock
Microscopes prepared slides set RM-B02 (18 pcs)
5 990 Ft
In stock
Microscopes prepared slides set RM-B03 (20 pcs)
6 490 Ft
In stock
24 pcs microscope slide set
3 990 Ft
In stock

Our preparation collections provide excellent entertainment for the owners of biological microscopes: samples compiled on various topics contain plant and animal sections from which the microworld becomes known. The engravings come in a plastic box and each has a Hungarian name. In some cases, the RM-A01 specimen collection contains a Human Blood specimen instead of a Giant Stable.

RM-A01 preparation collection (15 pcs)
  1. Human blood
  2. Diatoms
  3. Leaf veins (cross section)
  4. Onion root apex
  5. Buttercup root (cross section)
  6. Spirogyra green algae
  7. Corn root (cross section)
  8. Corn stalk (cross section)
  9. Euglena (whip unicellular)
  10. Tapeworm cell division (mitosis)
  11. Asexual reproduction of hydra (sprouting)
  12. Slippers (whole)
  13. Planaria flatworm (applied whole)
  14. Buttercup stalks (cross section)
  15. Volvox green algae
RM-A02 preparation collection (12 pcs)
  1. Cotton fibers
  2. Nylon fibers
  3. Corn starch
  4. Salt crystal
  5. Wool fibers
  6. Silk fibers
  7. Cross section of pumpkin stalk (cross section)
  8. Homemade bee legs
  9. Pollen
  10. Bird feathers
  11. Hydra (whole)
  12. Frog blood smear

RM-B01 preparation collection (10 pcs)
  1. Mosquito mosquito legs
  2. Bee wing
  3. Oral uterine organ
  4. Domestic fly head
  5. Butterfly wing
  6. Ant
  7. Haluszony
  8. Dog hair
  9. Cat hair
  10. Bird feathers

RM-B03 preparation collection (20 pcs)

  1. Mutant bormus linca (wingless)
  2. Mutant lime (black-bodied)
  3. Regular wine bran
  4. Animal cell
  5. Plant cell
  6. Mold
  7. Oocyte division
  8. Mitosis (cell division) in the onion root
  9. Cross-striated muscle
  10. Mammalian sperm (semen)
  11. Nerve (cross section)
  12. Connective tissue
  13. Young mammalian egg
  14. Nerve cells
  15. Glass cartilage
  16. Simaizom
  17. Bone
  18. Frog blood
  19. Human blood
  20. Monolayer epithelium
RM-B02 preparation collection (18 pcs)
  1. Onionskin
  2. Wheat worm (grain worm, weevil)
  3. Root bottle
  4. Lemon branch
  5. Anthers (in plant flowers)
  6. Seed (in the flower of a plant)
  7. Camellia
  8. Epithelium of geranium (rose geranium) leaf
  9. Beefoot
  10. Bee wing
  11. Cyclops (non-floating plankton, small crustaceans)
  12. Volvox green algae
  13. Euglena (whip unicellular)
  14. Slippers
  15. Earthworm
  16. Mosquito mosquito mouth
  17. Wormwood
  18. Water flea (floating plankton, small crustaceans)

24-piece preparation set

Vertebrate cover:
mouse hair
hare hair
dog fur
sheep's fur

ficus leaf
broadleaf silverwood scales

bee stomach
bee feet
membranous wing
homemade fly legs

Textile prints:
colored threads
handmade paper

Pollen and spores:
lily pollen
pine tree pollen
brush flower pollen
fern spore

Macro-sized animals:
shrimp eggs
water flea

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