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Kowa Prominar BD 8x32 XD binocular

Item has been discontinued

KOWA binoculars represent the premium category in the world of binoculars. Accordingly, the members of the new XD series have also been optimized by the manufacturer for the needs of those who want a premium device in everyday use.

The Kowa Prominar BD 8x32 XD binoculars stand out from the field with their high-quality optics, ultra-lightweight yet rugged construction, extremely small close-up focus (1.5 meters!) And 20% increased field of view compared to previous models. Its interior is filled with nitrogen gas, making it resistant to rain, snow and atmospheric moisture.

New solutions for high image quality

Several factors "charge" the Kowa Prominar BD 8x32 XD binoculars for premium imaging. The manufacturer's self-developed Prominar XD lens elements ensure extreme color defect reduction and very high image contrast throughout the field of view.

99% or more light utilization is guaranteed by the C3 coating applied to the binocular roof edge prisms. Thanks to this coating, the binoculars create a clearer and sharper image than its competitors, what’s more, it ensures accurate color reproduction. Multi-layer optical coatings applied to all lenses and all glass members serve the same purpose.

Also thanks to optical improvements, the binocular has a uniquely small close-up focus of just 1.5 meters - you can even observe such a close-up object with it at 8x magnification in a "macro" style. Also ideal for close observation of plants and insects.

Also worth mentioning here is the 20% increased field of view compared to previous BD models, although the 8x magnification models already have a significant field of view.

Compact, strong, waterproof

The inside of the Kowa Prominar BD 8x32 XD binoculars is filled with nitrogen gas, which prevents moisture from getting inside the device even in the harshest conditions (heavy rain, snow, fog). However, the binocular is not suitable for underwater use.

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Product specs
Nagyítás: 8 x
Objektív átmérő: 32 mm
Súly: 560 g
Méret (MxSz): 122 x 118 x 47.5 mm
Váz anyaga: metal 
Vízhatlan: Yes 
Gáztöltés: Nitrogén 
Optikai rendszer
Prizmák anyaga: BAK4 
Prizmák típusa: Roof prism 
Bevonat: C3 
Látómező: 7.5 °
Látómező: 131 m (1000 m-en)
Közelfókusz: 1.5 m
Betekintési távolság: 57-73 mm
Szemtávolság: - mm
Kilépő pupilla: 4 mm
Relatív fényesség index: 16 
Szürkületi érték: 16 
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