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Shutter release cable

Canon EOS-1 exposition cable
2 900 Ft
In stock
Canon EOS-2 exposition cable
2 900 Ft
In stock
Canon EOS exposition cable (flexible)
5 900 Ft
In stock
Shutte release cable, flexible (Canon EOS-2)
6 900 Ft
In stock
Shutter release cable (Nikon N1)
2 900 Ft
Expected: 2021. 07. 27.
Shutter release cable (Nikon N2)
2 900 Ft
In stock
Shutter release cable (Nikon N3)
4 200 Ft
In stock
Exposition cable (Olympus AP-R3L)
3 900 Ft
In stock

If you have a device (eg Star Adventurer mechanics, Lacerta / Mgen-II guider camera) that can control the exposure time of your camera, you can connect them with an shutter cable. When purchasing, pay attention to the type of jack plug on the control device (eg mechanics, Mgen-II), otherwise a 2.5 / 3.5 mm jack plug converter may be required. (Hint: SkyWatcher mechanics have a 2.5mm, Lacerta Mgen-II autoguider 3.5mm diameter jack plug, so a flexible cable is specifically recommended for this device.)

The advantage of a flexible cable is that it will not be rigid even in the cold, it will not tend to break somewhere, thus frustrating night astrophotography.

Product compatibility is as follows:
- EOS C1: Canon EOS 1100D, 1000D, 600D, 550D, 500D, 450D, 400D, 350D
- EOS C3: Canon EOS 6D, 7D, 10D, 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D, 1D MkIV, 1DS MkIII, 5D
- Nikon N3: Nikon D90, D600, D3000, D5000, D7000
- Nikon N2: Nikon D30, D80, D70S
- Nikon N1: Nikon D3, D3S, D3X, D200, D300, D300S, D500, D700, D850
- Olympos AP-R3L: Olympus E-P2, ES20, E420, E-P1, E510 & E-410

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