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Celestron Advanced VX 8" SC telescope

Celestron Advanced VX 8" SC telescope
   • Manufacturer warranty: 1 year
   • Consumer warranty: 3 year
809 900 Ft

The optical tube

The Celestron 8-inch tube housed a 203/2030 Schmidt-Cassegrain optic. The tube is small in size (only 50 cm long and weighs 6 kg), but a high-performance instrument that is an extremely good compromise for amateurs seeking mobility . Although the central obscuration is approx. 32%, precisely machined optics offset this.

The standard accessory is the company's self-developed StarBright XLT coating , which increases the light efficiency of the binoculars. When used, the transmittance of the corrective lens reaches 98%, while the reflectance of the main and auxiliary mirrors is 95%. In addition, it increases the contrast of the image. The basic package also includes a zenith prism, a 6x30 viewfinder and a 25mm Plössl eyepiece with 80x magnification.

The optics of Celestron tubes are hand-figured and hand-matched, resulting in superior performance over the optical quality of competing SC tubes, according to various tests.

Advanced XV mechanics

Schmidt-Cassegrain binoculars, which are Celestron's flagships, are now available on a truly advanced technology with astrophysis-optimized mechanics. The Celestron AVX series opens up new possibilities in the field of astrophotography. Advance VX mechanics offer the features of Celestron's most advanced German equatorial mechanics at a significantly lower price.

The new AVX mechanics have been developed specifically for medium-sized astrophotography binoculars. Thus, owners of smaller binoculars can also access the services of premium mechanics (such as All-star methodical pole positioning or autoguider support). The management of long-exposure recordings is greatly aided by permanently programmable periodic error correction . Thanks to the AVX mechanics, you can even shoot through the meridian without having to do a meridian flip. This allows you to photograph celestial bodies when their visibility is best. Compared to previous solutions, AVX offers significantly increased stability. Improved motors have more torque and guide the binoculars precisely even with less imbalance.

Compared to large, observatory-category mechanics, the AVX series also stands out among equatorial mechanics with its portability. If you are new to the mysteries of astrophotography, the AVX series is an excellent choice due to its easy operation and the possibilities offered by advanced technology. The Celestron AVX series caters to the needs of both astrophotographers and amateur astronomers interested in visual observations.

1 5.44 kg counterweight is standard for the mechanics, the total equipment weighs 27 kg.

Package prices
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Product specs
Optikai tulajdonságok
Optikai rendszer: Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes 
Átmérő: 203 mm
Fókusz: 2030 mm
Fényerő: F/10 
Elméleti max. nagyítás: 406 x
Kitakarás: 33.8 %
Kitakarás: 69 mm
Felbontóképesség: 0.6 "
Súly: 27 kg
Méret: SC 
Típus: SC/MC 
Kétsebességes: No 
2"/1.25" adapter: No 
Okulárok: Plössl 25 mm 
Keresőtávcső: 6x30 
Zenitvégződés: 1.25" zenittükör 
Tubusgyűrű: No 
Prizmasín: Yes 

Recommended accessories

WA Plössl (Planetary II) 4 mm WA Plössl (Planetary II) 4 mm
24 700 Ft  18 525 Ft
WA Plössl (Planetary II) 6 mm WA Plössl (Planetary II) 6 mm
24 700 Ft  18 525 Ft
WA Plössl (Planetary II) 8 mm WA Plössl (Planetary II) 8 mm
24 700 Ft  18 525 Ft
WA Plössl (Planetary II) 7 mm WA Plössl (Planetary II) 7 mm
24 700 Ft  18 525 Ft
WA Plössl (Planetary II) 9 mm WA Plössl (Planetary II) 9 mm
24 700 Ft  18 525 Ft
WA Plössl (Planetary) 2.5 mm WA Plössl (Planetary) 2.5 mm
24 700 Ft  18 525 Ft
WA Plössl (Planetary II) 3.2 mm WA Plössl (Planetary II) 3.2 mm
24 700 Ft  18 525 Ft
WA Plössl (Planetary II) 5 mm WA Plössl (Planetary II) 5 mm
24 700 Ft  18 525 Ft

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